Monday, March 25, 2013

Things you need for proper training

As you probably know you don't need a lot of special machines or even a gym to stay or get into shape ..
Of course you have to always be careful about what you eat and you have to do this almost on a daily basis  otherwise you will never make progress

First of all lets start with what you should have in your home:

    Floor mat - used for working your abs and do push ups and other kind of floor exercises

    2 Gallons of water - I use those instead of dumbbells since I don't have any , they work just as good
     And if you need more weight I put the gallons in a bag and lift that  

    Abb Wheel - Used for working your core and tone your arms and back


    Skip Rope - I use the plastic one for speed , its also the cheapest one i think

    Now for the outside


    Pull upp Bar - any bar would do ..I use this one since is in the front of my building

   Alley where you can run
    So you see you can work out basically anywhere ... You just have to put your ass at work !


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