Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with my family

Another Christmas has past.I came back from Milan on the 21 of december ,practically staying there for nothing workwise and the clothes for the shootings could t be brought because of the show and bad weather .
I'm glad that this year I made it home and had a wonderful Christmas with my small family .
It was one of the best Christmases I had in years, my parents were more relaxed and without so many worries to distract them we concentrated on being united as a family 
I felt like in the old days when i was a child … when the table was full of traditional home made food and home made alcohol and outside was showing like crazy so everything was perfect .
 On the Christmas evening a lot of people came to sing Christmas carols and my dad's favorite gipsy bad came and played for him :))..I have a recording of that below (its not a Christmas carol because my dad wanted them to play something that  would make them feel natural ..and its a gypsy song )
  Now I'm in my home town again feeling 3 kg heavier from all the pork I eat home (they cut 2 pigs of 150 kg each ..its a tradition in Romania to do that right before the new year) but I started going to gym right in the day I came from Milan and I will be in shape again in 2-3 days , of course with a proper diet 

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