Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey hey...I hope you didn't miss me allot ..I know I missed posting ..the truth is that I haven't really had time to stay in front of the computer as I always do
T his past days I have been to Bucharest participating on the Bucharest fashion week(as you will see on my next post ..hopefully I will receive all my pictures from there).I have done like 2 months ago the image for the brand Endless by Alina Latan , who is by the way a very good friend of mine and she lives in Timisoara also and I thought it would be good for her and me to promote the brand together ..she will have a website very soon and her blog i'm back in Timisoara I just find out that my rent has been changed..i will have to pay 60 euros more every fuckin month , so I decided its not really worth it for this "hole" i'm living in and now i'm searching for a new appartament(Eh i didn't die from hunger yet, I think I will survive a few years more:P one way or another).Anyway here is a slideshow with the pics i have done for Endless and the FHM editorial i have appeared.
All the best

Page from FHM magazine november edition

Sunday, November 18, 2007


HEY :).I just arrived in Timisoara, I was until now in Bucharest shooting the Men's Health cover, witch i will post when it will appear in December, and some fashion show for Puma . Recently i told you i have been invited to some TV shows..I have here only one show that i managed to get.During my staying there i went with my friends in cafe Deko ,the place where people do stand up comedy of my friends told one of the comedians that i will be there and of course they made jokes about the whole ass competition but in a very nice and funny way ..I can say I laughed my ass of:P.Looks like i don't have any plans , I wanted to post some stuff about that but nothing comes in my mind ..i guess I'll just see what happens on the way.
Enjoy the video and the pics
Cheers ,Andrei

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Teo tv show at romantica

Sunday, November 11, 2007


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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello friends,
I'm really sorry I haven't posted in such a long time , the truth is that i didn't really had time.
Now I just reached Timisoara and realised that my PC is gone ..apparently my brother soled it, and trying to post this long long post from my laptop..hopefully i will succeed
..Hmmm..what have i done in this 2 weeks since i haven't posted??Well, I left Turkey for Munchen, Germany to take part at the Sloggi contest (Sloggi is a underwear brand which belongs to Triumph ,so its quite big all over the world) witch i actually won :)....
There were about 26 countries competing on this final event..initially there were about 15 000 contestants as i understood . So at the same time as you all know there was the MTV Music awards and i had the pleasure to stay with quite allot of celebrities in my hotel :P.There was allot of press from all over the world , i gave allot of interviews asking me about the same questions over and over , of course the Romanian press was not present because apparently the budget allocated to Romania for organising the national finals was used in other purposes(at least that's my explanation and i understand how some Romanian people think).I have stayed about one week in Bucharest, I was invited to some Shows to some very big TV stations here where i realised that its not really that easy to talk with people who are just trying to make their ratings on your ass:P, anyway it was a new and unusual experience for me at least.
Next week i have to go again but this time i will make the shooting for the Men's health cover...I'm really happy cause i always wanted to shoot that :)))))).I have also a video blog , recorded while i was in Munchen ..I couldn't edit the video cause my graphic card from my laptop is fucked up.
Enough with the talking ..let's see some stuff

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I'm in muniichhh:P...this is the place where the MTV event took place

This is a monument in the honor of the Jews ..inside that cube its a flame that always burns

Hitler's place This adds were all over the city ..Snoop dog was the host this year:)

First thing that i saw when i entered the hall where the contest was suppose to happen
O.k. i don't really remember from where she is ...I'm so sorry but she was a really nice girl
Luxembourg:PPP..her name is Sarah ...i loved her accent ..very very sexy:P

The incredibles Noel, Shawn and ...damn it ...again i can't remember

I remember she was from spain
ohhhh ...Brazil
We just meet ....Bulgaria
After the rehearsals we went to some restaurant in the center of Munich and ..of course got a biiiit drunk:P
I loved this girl:)
France team
U.K. team:)...they are great
I don't know what this guy is up to...:)))))
Romania team .....
This was our lunch ...pork i guess for me was motly drinking than eating
Do we look in love???? Switzerland
At this point we were still standing on our own feet
Back to the hotel's bar:)

The Romanian stuff that came with me at the event( Dan and Silvia)
Here is a Greek restaurant.We meet to discuss the shooting that we were suppose to shoot the next day was exactly on Halloween..really crazy they are ..braking plates and trowing tissues all over::)
Bulgarian team..they are boyfriend and girlfriend
Me and Silvia:P
One guy from the BEDWETTERS...and Silvia ..talking crazy


I just shoot the monitor you think i worth wining the price??
JR DURAN ...checking for mistakes

The sweetest stylist ever:)

Cristina's turn...

I love that assssssssssss....i wanna teke it home with meeee:((
They already choose some pics that will appear in the campaign

Next day ..again party ...finally i found my pussy
I don't know how this picture got here..
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