Sunday, September 30, 2007



Julia , the owner of my agency from turkey took us on a boat trip ...:)

Martin and me against the wind:)


Zara and me (she is from London)


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey...i hope its all good with you all:)
Today its a special post..its about obsessed men,that's right you heard me
I had in my life a few obsessed women that kept calling me and threatening me that they will kill themselves or something like that because I'm not with them, but this is a different story.
I usually talk to everybody ,I'm a very sociable person but that doesn't mean that i will accept every kind of weirdos to stress me. So this man asked me to teach him how to eat and live healthy and agreed and told him a few tricks
As it turned out to be he was very insisting and started to put very weird questions as i started talking more with him in time...he turned out to be a gay man who was masturbating watching my pictures and talking to me.
Now don't get me wrong , i don't have a problem with gay men ,some of my best friends are gay ,i don't even mind if he was masturbating on my pics , but don't fucking stress my nerves.I hate people that don't understand, i hate insistent people also and I'm sure everybody does
I would like to put a few words in his conversation with himself cause i don't want to lose my energy or time writing him back
"- Thank God that he got me rid of you because i was only masturbating
watching your pictures and it was destroying me dick was hard like a rock when i was typing with you ....i had very nice orgasms while typing .."
I taught it would be a good story to post here and funny at the same time
Be careful there friends

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


What's up people???:P...Today I've done nothing , recovering from the weekend:). i went clubbing and it was awesome , to bad my battery of the camera was finished so i couldn't take pics with the beautiful girls of Timisoara when they are drunk.
I still have some more posts to put here from Istanbul and we will get to that also
Today i will put some pics with some of the back stages of a few jobs I've done
there i hope you understand something from the mess you are about to see:P

25 of April Kasia and me took the job for Waver jeans along with Pedro,Brazilian guy, and ...damn i cannot remember the other girl's name but i know that she is from Brazil as well..anyway we went to a beautiful place near the Black sea.The production was done with Oner Evez ..he is a very nice guy ..he provided me with a few jobs during my staying,actually all this that you will about to see is from his production house , the website is this are some pics from " the making of"

Yea ..i know i have something between my theets

The whole cast me , Kasia, the brasilian girl and Pedro

This are the final pics i got from the photographer,i hope you like them

Yards jeans shooting.
I was at the same place with the same team but the cast was different.Matan,guy from my agency , he came from Israel , Adriana a sweet girl from Slovakia and Anika who lives in turkey with her boyfriend as i understood.Unfortunately i don't have the final pictures from this shoot :(

Boy..alot of clothes to shoot ..

Matan ..smoking his cigar

This is a gay pic:)).haha

Me and sweet Adriana

The coolest hair stylistn in Istanbul


The whole cast..

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Have a great day

Monday, September 3, 2007


Hello people..hope you all are fine, I took a brake a couple of days , i had problems with the comments on the blog, its not yet fixed but I'm working on it.In the mean while i sad to myself that i should update a little with some cool videos and pictures.
I'm still in Romania in some sort of vacation ..but still stressing with all the usual problems that I'm sure everybody has when they are living on there own.The agency from Turkey contacted me again to come , apparently the the season is picking up, i don't really know what to do yet.I hope that my mother agency gives me a good advice because i was planing to go to Milan this month , actually i was suppose to go there in July but there was always something in the middle.
I have took some videos that my good friend Patrick filmed during his staying and put them here because i don't have some of them and i was hoping that you would like to watch them.
His blog address is and i recommend it.
Take care ..and keep visit i will have new updates soon

Here is my second interview with Patrick ..I'm not much of a talker here probably scarred of camera:P

A day at castings

Polo Garage casting

Martin.he did the last Polo Garage campaign

Guess who did the recent one??:)

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