Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello ...First let me introduce myself.My name is Andrei Andrei
I'm a male model from Romania I come from the city of Timisoara where i live with my brother in
a rented apartment.I have started travelling one year and half ago
in Thailand, China,Malaysia,Singapore, that was a period of one year and something usually travelling alone but making friends on the way
and enjoying every moment of it.I have to
Now I'm in Turkey , have been here for one week and it seems to be working well until now:)
So , i first had the idea of starting a blog in my country but i never tough i will put this in practice
but when i arrived here i meet Patrick , one good friend of mine, witch i meet in Singapore
( you can visit his blog on and he practically pushed me into doing it :).
Anyway I'm glad i did it ..i am planing post as much as i can and to share with you what i experience
every day as a international model and its a good way of keeping track and maybe in the future i will
look on what i have done with great satisfaction.
Anyway i will not talk too much because its more fun to post videos or pictures
and i have to excuse myself for my bad English ..but hey ,English is not my native language.
Let me talk about my time in Turkey:) since now of course and i have to say it was pretty CRAZYYY and i will
let the pics to tell the story:P
Right now my windows movie maker keeps blocking my computer so i will put videos
as soon as possible
I have here a short story about my jobs in Turkey ..enjoy
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