Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hello ,hello:)) I was asked in one of my comments how i started this blog in English...
Well i wanted this to be accessible to everyone not only to Romanian people or friends.
I will post now some pics from No name club in my town ..where my brother is resident DJ (you can visit his blog on www.zefzeed.blogspot.com or www.myspace.com/zefzeed)
I have a special bond with this club ..I was partying here since I was very young.
Right now I'm still in Turkey and i will leave this place on the 29 this month to Germany , hoping something good comes from all this.
Take care my friends

Here is me and Lefter on our way to the club

:p My friends from Aeroport , the place where i grew up

DJ Ovi and Dj Zefzeed ..guess witch one in my brother?:)
Andrusca saying HI
Yea ..its all about house music
The brotherhood

Prepare to run:))..am I really that bad??

My bro's girlfriend just can't get enough

My best friends..Lefter and Tibi..
I'm a bad boy..

Raluca and Alex

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey people:)...Today i will post about my time in Timisoara, Romania my home town..
After about 3 month spent in Turkey i finally got home...and it felt great.I spent nearly one month there, not allot of people tough because it was summer vacation and Timisoara is full during the school season(all the girls from around the country come there..hhhaaahahaha) but i had allot of fun meeting my friends and my family ...
Here are my first days in Romania..I hope you enjoy the pics

A very typical picture in my family , my mom preparing food and my dad preparing bate for the fishes

My dad's new car..hahah..well it works and its just perfect on the country side

The famous Nadlac salami..its the best in the whole world ..you eat it with bread home made cheese tomatoes and onions...it rains in my mouth only thinking of it
My bro standing in front of the garden

In that thing we have chickens
This is my future land ..i have a part of it but hopefully I'll buy it all..for a future project
Hehehe..meet Vasile :)my dog ..
This is the beautiful Mures..the river where my dad goes fishing all the time ..
Larvs witch we use for bate ...you can find them in mud in the water ..if the mud is yellow

Finally first days of vacation ane relaxation on No Name pool
Meet Lefter ..he is my best friend and I just went to watch him play tennis.He use to be a tennis instructor and now he is a professional betting advicer

His opponent the mighty Cristi :))

Saturday, October 13, 2007


HEY:)..I have managed to finally get the reactive jeans pictures

Friday, October 12, 2007


Hey ..:)

Well i was pretty bored so i said to myself..why not do a update on my snapshots???:P
And I did ..by myself and I'm gonna use them to send to agencies in case they require
See if you like them
Have a great day

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well hello:)...I guess I haven't left Turkey yet...but the thing is now i don't have any idea when i will leave, probably next week or something.Today i had a shooting with Harvey Nichols magazine and it looked very good, i had to wear Polo Ralph Lauren suits:P.In rest everything it quite o.k. Ramadan has finished here and now there are more 3 day of Bairam witch its the holiday after and nobody works, they just celebrate the ending of Rmadan.So this will be my little holiday , i will just relax and reflect..hahaha.I'm looking forward for Monday cause as usual the photographer promised me that he will send the pictures and some other that i have done with him before..but there is like 50% chances for that to happen.Boy and i have now 5 months in total spent in Turkey..i think i need to change the air for a bit:P
I have posted some pictures from a job i did the last time i was here for Reactive jeans ..i hope you like them
Take good care of yourselves

I have a problem ..i cannot remember girl's names

Cristina is reading for me because i am a good boy:P

Meet a Romanian gipsy..let me sing something for you..hahah

I guess I'm fond of girls;)

This is Eva ..she lives in Israel..very beautiful girl

We were 3 guys and all this girls ...uhhh

Just fooling arround

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