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Weight Loss Answer

So, i'm 18 years old and weight 170lbs, 5ft 9inches. I try running 3 miles a day but what gets me is the food!! It's so hard cause it taste good.. :/ Can you help me out with like suggestions? I'm trying to drop weight to like 160lbs. If you can reply, that would be great :)

Hey ..Thank you for writing me
I'm not even running 3 miles per day:) working out for you shouldn't be an issue ..still your body can get used with the usual movement and tends to not burn as much calories because it will get into survival mode(the body is saving up calories) my suggestion is to combine sometimes the workout with another type of cardio bicycle , rope skipping , aerobics, kangoo , stepper ...there are so many choices.
About the food I can only tell you that you have to quit eating as much ..there are some great iPhone or blackberry applications (the one i use sometimes is myfitnesspal) that can measure the amount of calories you eat or drink every day you can keep track .
And the beautiful part is that you don't have to starve yourself or eat only salads all day just have to not cross the calories number you set as a limit..minus the amount of the calories burned when you work out .
Be careful to have enough proteins and preferable the morning carbs when you start changing your way of eating and remember that this will not be a diet that you keep for a period of time and then start with your previous routine ..this should be your way of life..
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