Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello ...First let me introduce myself.My name is Andrei Andrei
I'm a male model from Romania I come from the city of Timisoara where i live with my brother in
a rented apartment.I have started travelling one year and half ago
in Thailand, China,Malaysia,Singapore, that was a period of one year and something usually travelling alone but making friends on the way
and enjoying every moment of it.I have to
Now I'm in Turkey , have been here for one week and it seems to be working well until now:)
So , i first had the idea of starting a blog in my country but i never tough i will put this in practice
but when i arrived here i meet Patrick , one good friend of mine, witch i meet in Singapore
( you can visit his blog on and he practically pushed me into doing it :).
Anyway I'm glad i did it ..i am planing post as much as i can and to share with you what i experience
every day as a international model and its a good way of keeping track and maybe in the future i will
look on what i have done with great satisfaction.
Anyway i will not talk too much because its more fun to post videos or pictures
and i have to excuse myself for my bad English ..but hey ,English is not my native language.
Let me talk about my time in Turkey:) since now of course and i have to say it was pretty CRAZYYY and i will
let the pics to tell the story:P
Right now my windows movie maker keeps blocking my computer so i will put videos
as soon as possible
I have here a short story about my jobs in Turkey ..enjoy


  1. hey sexy boy !

    nice.. the blog is starting to take shpe now.

    Heard you had a job with Kasia. Nice photos ?

    Keep up the good work and let me know if you want to come here, You will kick ass here man. To much work around.. And people are so nice.


  2. Swedish Super NerdApril 29, 2007 at 11:00 PM

    Oi, your blog is starting to look good :). Em :)

  3. nice :)) very started to post things on your blog...I waited for this moment but when it finally happened my computer let me down...and I couldn't leave you a comment or smth...anyhow I'm happy for you and that everything is going how you want and like...:))) keep doing what you love and we'll love you too :))) Kiss you :* :)

  4. Hey Andrei,
    Just like you, everything keeps getting better, English, website, etc... Keep up the great work, you have an army of loyal followers who love hearing about you and your work. As always you have my best wishes with you.


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