Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hey :)...I wanted to post this for a long time..but my lazy ass wouldn't let me:P
I received a comment not to long ago from with a link that took me to a drawing of the Dark-Hunter, Zarek, from Sherrilyn Kenyon's book:).
I was really surprised because he used me as a model for that drawing ..and i just wanted to share this with you. Please visit the blog its awseome:)

The actual picture:)


  1. Aaaaaaaw! Thank you!!!!! you make a great Dark-Hunter! LOL! Heather

  2. It's a great rendering. Thanks for posting it Andrei! You know we love anything about ya!

  3. Hey! Another Dark-Hunter Fan here ... I loved the drawing and now I see the model :-o you really would make a great DH :-)

  4. so,'dark hunter':)) look really handsome ,nice done for the person who did the portrait...but it doesn't compare with andrew:P:*

  5. I am a huge fan of both the Dark Hunter series as well as your work Andrei. So to see the two of you together is like I don't know peanut butter and chocolate.Look how much they sold on that wonderful candy bar. So just imagine if Sherilyn Kenyon received enough of a hoopla over you being a cover model for one of her books. You have the look and I know most would agree. Not to mention an awesome Zarek. Peace love and happiness. Rai


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