Friday, May 8, 2009


Hey ...i'm still in NEW YORK ...i love the city
I have changed my template for my official website , check it out
Have fun!!


  1. Amazing man... scares the hell outta me sometimes.. be well.. have an amazing career... the vampire that looks like you.. chuckles.

  2. Andrei, I hope that you enjoy the United States and that you come back often. I hope that the agency that signs you gets a lot of work for you so that you become a 'household name' in the U.S. like Tyson Beckford and other top models. You have a great look that I hope designers will utilize in their shows, both here and abroad. Much Luck, David Anderson

  3. Fabulous new website! Love the layout .. it's easy to navigate and view. Geez you even got video on there.

    Nice to hear that you are lovin the 'Big Apple' so much. Thats the place to be (next stop >> Calvin Klein ... )

    kudos to you ... lisa (kiwi)

  4. stiu ca e o intrebare stupida, dar de ce te-ai tuns?

    PS: arata forte bine situ-ul

  5. Love the new site design. its very modern, excellent for the US market since that seems to be what you are going for. I trust you will get tons of work here because Americans love foreigners (atleast i do anyway)

    I wish you luck!


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