Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey , I left London for a few weeks since it was quite slow with the castings and went to a more "busier" market ...and for my surprise the guys here say its slow also:P
No worries its a good place to take some time for me and to take care of personal stuff .I just find out that saturday i will go to Ibiza for a test shooting with Gavin Oneal ,some nude and beauty pics:)(of course I will share some here cause I'm sure it will turn out to be really nice and not vulgar hopefully)
There are only a few things I hate with Milan :
they won't let you in if you have a bag and I always have ..and there is no place to put it in case you wanna enter and second  there is no 0 commision places to change money..or maybe its normal and I compare it to much to London ...ehh
Have a great day

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  1. when do we get to see the new sexy pics?


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