Monday, July 11, 2011


I have no reason to be tired and still I am . I haven t overused myself or maybe my limits are not that far as I thought would be , can it be the age?
Nah, I'm only 27.Last week I was bored and felt the needy o do stuff ,today I just feel like I don t wanna see no one, I don t wanna talk with no one and I feel good with myself.
And that makes me antisocial ..Is that a bad thing ?
Or maybe I'm just lazy but that doesn't characterize me as a person..I always fight for everything , I need to and I cannot accept me giving up, I'm not that guy ,I can't be a loser , that's not me.
It feels good not to think..but that cannot last more than a nanosecond ..


  1. Maybe you're just stressed...

  2. Have you ever considered that this feeling is a form of happiness? :P

  3. Your no loser Andrei alot of pplz support you and you seem to always achieve what you set out to do.

  4. ahhhhh u so amazing

  5. Could this have something to do with the pills you were taking?? You were full of energy and now you're feeling down. Please be careful. I would hate to see anything happen to you as a result of those things.

  6. dont feel like you need to be with someone to have fulfillment. its good that you can be happy by yourself and appreciate that, meaning you're not afraid to be self-reliant and independant. please dont restrain yourself to the thought that being by yourself is being anitsocial because anyone would kill to be in your presence if you want them to.
    its human nature to fight for things, whether its a better seat at the movies, to win sports or to have the last piece of cake at home,we're always striving to be the best and to gain the best of ourselves. the fact that you can't accept to give up proves your strong will and determination that im sure a lot of people will admire and praise.
    so what if your mind thinks alot, let it think, let it wonder because without that you wouldnt discover things about yourself that in the long term, you'd need to understand.
    always be yourself, be real Andrei.

  7. Wow, you cannot even imagine how often I feel this way...


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