Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tweet Answer about Hydroxycut

 hello u recommended use hydroxycut hardcore, how u the results? u have great body ,re my example !thanks


No I did not recommend the use of Hydroxycut  ..I just made an experiment  for a few days but as I said that time it just took all the water from my body so of course I was looking more ripped ..but that was just for a few days ..and couldn't sleep because of all that energy that this pill gave me

A few days after , I was regaining my weight and more , so the conclusion is that this pills are only a temporary solution and it can damage your health on a long run since you're most of the time dehydrated and you can t sleep that much

My recommandation would be L-Carnitine wich is an amino acid and its found in any complete protein so its basicly food and  improves the body's ability to burn fat, improve memory, increase energy, raise your metabolism, and enhance your overall quality of life.(google this)

Still you can't rely on supplements they are useless if you don't move ..this should be just part of your diet and the actual progress is by working out  constantly ...and yes it requires for you to do something about this!!! not just wait for miracle results 


  1. Those pants are too damn high :/

  2. The package may look good, but I'm not sure there's anything inside with any value, as it seems completely empty from all I can tell...


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