Sunday, November 18, 2007


HEY :).I just arrived in Timisoara, I was until now in Bucharest shooting the Men's Health cover, witch i will post when it will appear in December, and some fashion show for Puma . Recently i told you i have been invited to some TV shows..I have here only one show that i managed to get.During my staying there i went with my friends in cafe Deko ,the place where people do stand up comedy of my friends told one of the comedians that i will be there and of course they made jokes about the whole ass competition but in a very nice and funny way ..I can say I laughed my ass of:P.Looks like i don't have any plans , I wanted to post some stuff about that but nothing comes in my mind ..i guess I'll just see what happens on the way.
Enjoy the video and the pics
Cheers ,Andrei

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Teo tv show at romantica


  1. You look amazing. Your English is pretty good too...So far I'm loving everything I see. LOL Keep posting, you've got a new fan here in Southern California. Muah!

  2. yo am facut pozele astea :P...haha tare andrusca

  3. No worries Brother..

    Glad to hear you keeping busy work..

    I spoke to Nader in Dubai. He is a friend of mine since many years.

    He todl me about the job in that got cancelled because the Visa. Sorry to hear that !

    Maybe next time we all three can do a shoot together in Dubai. That would be wicked.

    Have great weekend bro and chat sooon.



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