Monday, December 10, 2007


HEY HEY HEY...What's up you guys?In my last post i told you i will put pictures form the Bucharest fashion week ..apparently i will do this next the mean while i just received my video that i shoot for Darine Hadchiti along with Waleed Nassif(the director)in Lebanon ..this was about 2 months ago. During my staying in Lebanon i was suppose to have a job in Turkey and that is why i had a bit of a fight with the agency in Turkey.Anyway i hope you enjoy my video and pictures ..hopefully next time I'll have more time write about my personal life here in Romania..
take care

Me and the owner of Boss models Lebanon

The Holly Mary statue on top of Beirut

First day of shooting
Fuckin tired

Yea i know...:P ..this car suits me:)

The hotel where all took place
Clubbing in Beirut

This guy is fuckin brave ..i mean i was already shitting in my pants when i saw him go down the building


  1. Hey you forgot to mention that it was me who told you about the video! :-P rock on Andrei, you look smokin hot!!

    PS try to show some more skin in you're next video ;-)

  2. Oh, hai!
    I like that outfit. Send me. I'm about your size. Joke joke...XP

    I like looking at you.XD

  3. Hi Cute-Drei! Wow, what a nice video! U did really great and ur cute as ever! Congratulations to u Cute-Drei "the cutest boy in the world"!!! :)

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  6. wow,you played in Darine's musicvideo...then you really are a VIP now because she is very popular in Asia;)ps:That outfit suits you perfectly.


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