Thursday, January 12, 2012

FRESH 2012

 Gish ...I just noticed that I haven't posted nothing since November.Does that mean that I'm dead.. virtually?
Hopefully not ..I have been active on Facebook which unfortunately is Fucking addict able..but I managed to not spent most of most of my day just watching people posting shit I'm making progress

  So, I spent my Christmas with my family in Romania which was quite nice , eat a huge amount of food for like 5 days in a row ..but I have no worries cause I have the necessary discipline to make the over weight gain disapear.No I don't do magic:))..Just starting to eat like a normally do ..when I'm hungry and not so much at one time staying within the limits of my daily callorie intake(in my case its around 1800).

  Since the 8 of January I came back in New York where I will most probably spent my first half of the year ..trying to make it :))like the song says(Still I'm not sure what the person in the song is trying to make:))) 
  My biggest problem regarding my physical recovery is that I need to get a Gym membership which sucks.I cannot do any exercise at home since I live in a room as big as a match box and its way to cold outside to go for a run.
 Last time I was a member with Equinox but its way to expensive for what they have to offer at least for my needs ..cause in order to stay in shape I basically need some old school free weights and probably a running machine.In rest its all managing the calories intake.Unlike Romania where I am used with paying monthly with no obligations whatsoever,USA Gyms act like they are banks or something asking for some membership price (which I don't understand why is it for..why why why??) and last month's pay which you will never ever going to use..and try to put you in a one or 2 year commitment with no way to escape...I say FUCK THAT!! 

  Right now I'm at a job in Columbus Ohio for Express online clothes very relaxed job, staying in a huge German Village Guest house which I have for myself apparently:D:D. 
 So I raise a glass of tea on a bad weather and see u guys soon!!


  1. Same shit here in New Zealand with the Gym... so yeah Fuck that!

    La Multi Ani! :)

  2. whore yourself out to pay for it, you've done it before...


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