Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey ...hope you are all good ...I'm continuing my posting about my experience in Turkey.Hopefully i will be writing in real time not recuperating from the past
I have quite allot of material that needs to be shared.In the mean while i become very good friends with the people in the apartment..actually this day i meet Martin, model from Bulgaria, he is living with his sister in Istanbul, in the mean while he become my gym partner and now i can say that he developed a pretty good body:).During the evenings we were joining in the living room have a couple of drinks ..maybe getting a little bit crazy ..but hey.. we had no cable to watch T.V.
Remember this is the first days there..so its only the beginning
Enjoy the pictures

Martin covering his mouth full of vodka

Cheap vodka, juice and chips..

Yea i know I'm addicted

Kasia started to dance:)

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