Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sunday 21 of April..crazy night part 2

Hey hey hey ...This is the second part of the Museum party ..i have posted some pictures we took that day ..on our way to the club , boy that took us a long time but we arrived ..
the problem is that i don't remember how we got home , i only know that i arrived without my jacket:).Anyway it was an incredible night and i love to share that with you
Peace , Andrei

Already dressed up to go to club..boy we are fucked up

just some little more pics until everiboy is ready to go..

Alexandra, Svetlana and Kasia

We decided to wear hats that evening..I dont know who's ideea was that

A little bit more for me:)..

A little bit more for Kasia also

Levent finally came to our place...ieeeeeeeeee

we are going to paaaaaarrteyyy:)

Finally home sleeping like a good boy:P


  1. haha, that video is fucking hilarious ;)

    keep them coming..

    Your player brother.

  2. treaba cu caru si inca cu carutz ..tocmai ce m-am lasat purtat de o ciocanitoare

  3. si tot eu sunt cel care va zapaceste femeile ..asa ca nu mai cautati


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