Monday, September 3, 2007


Hello people..hope you all are fine, I took a brake a couple of days , i had problems with the comments on the blog, its not yet fixed but I'm working on it.In the mean while i sad to myself that i should update a little with some cool videos and pictures.
I'm still in Romania in some sort of vacation ..but still stressing with all the usual problems that I'm sure everybody has when they are living on there own.The agency from Turkey contacted me again to come , apparently the the season is picking up, i don't really know what to do yet.I hope that my mother agency gives me a good advice because i was planing to go to Milan this month , actually i was suppose to go there in July but there was always something in the middle.
I have took some videos that my good friend Patrick filmed during his staying and put them here because i don't have some of them and i was hoping that you would like to watch them.
His blog address is and i recommend it.
Take care ..and keep visit i will have new updates soon

Here is my second interview with Patrick ..I'm not much of a talker here probably scarred of camera:P

A day at castings

Polo Garage casting

Martin.he did the last Polo Garage campaign

Guess who did the recent one??:)


  1. sunt superbe muzica si clipurile.mi-au placut Andrei si pagina ta e excelenta.multa bafta in continuare

  2. Mi-au placut pozele.Ai fotografi f talentati.stiu sa valorifice la maximum aspectul tau keep up the good work, bro


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