Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey...i hope its all good with you all:)
Today its a special post..its about obsessed men,that's right you heard me
I had in my life a few obsessed women that kept calling me and threatening me that they will kill themselves or something like that because I'm not with them, but this is a different story.
I usually talk to everybody ,I'm a very sociable person but that doesn't mean that i will accept every kind of weirdos to stress me. So this man asked me to teach him how to eat and live healthy and agreed and told him a few tricks
As it turned out to be he was very insisting and started to put very weird questions as i started talking more with him in time...he turned out to be a gay man who was masturbating watching my pictures and talking to me.
Now don't get me wrong , i don't have a problem with gay men ,some of my best friends are gay ,i don't even mind if he was masturbating on my pics , but don't fucking stress my nerves.I hate people that don't understand, i hate insistent people also and I'm sure everybody does
I would like to put a few words in his conversation with himself cause i don't want to lose my energy or time writing him back
"- Thank God that he got me rid of you because i was only masturbating
watching your pictures and it was destroying me dick was hard like a rock when i was typing with you ....i had very nice orgasms while typing .."
I taught it would be a good story to post here and funny at the same time
Be careful there friends


  1. hey andrei the pics are working fine for me now. : )))) cheerios!! anyway good luck. see ya around

  2. Well aren't you just a cutie patootie!



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