Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey people:)...Today i will post about my time in Timisoara, Romania my home town..
After about 3 month spent in Turkey i finally got home...and it felt great.I spent nearly one month there, not allot of people tough because it was summer vacation and Timisoara is full during the school season(all the girls from around the country come there..hhhaaahahaha) but i had allot of fun meeting my friends and my family ...
Here are my first days in Romania..I hope you enjoy the pics

A very typical picture in my family , my mom preparing food and my dad preparing bate for the fishes

My dad's new car..hahah..well it works and its just perfect on the country side

The famous Nadlac salami..its the best in the whole world eat it with bread home made cheese tomatoes and rains in my mouth only thinking of it
My bro standing in front of the garden

In that thing we have chickens
This is my future land ..i have a part of it but hopefully I'll buy it all..for a future project Vasile :)my dog ..
This is the beautiful Mures..the river where my dad goes fishing all the time ..
Larvs witch we use for bate can find them in mud in the water ..if the mud is yellow

Finally first days of vacation ane relaxation on No Name pool
Meet Lefter ..he is my best friend and I just went to watch him play tennis.He use to be a tennis instructor and now he is a professional betting advicer

His opponent the mighty Cristi :))


  1. after looking your parent's pic now I know why u r soo cute! is your hair originally curly too?

  2. Andrei, I enjoyed reading that you have an actual life beyond trying to look nice for the camera. In a future post would you explain how you came to write in English.

  3. acum am descoperit blogul tau si trebuie a recunosc ca la inceput mi s-a parut ca esti superficial..petreceri,bautura atat..mi-am inchipuit ca la asta se rezuma viata ta..dar dupa ce am vazut pozele descoperit o alta latura a ta..alaturi de familie esti"tu"..


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