Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hello ,hello:)) I was asked in one of my comments how i started this blog in English...
Well i wanted this to be accessible to everyone not only to Romanian people or friends.
I will post now some pics from No name club in my town ..where my brother is resident DJ (you can visit his blog on www.zefzeed.blogspot.com or www.myspace.com/zefzeed)
I have a special bond with this club ..I was partying here since I was very young.
Right now I'm still in Turkey and i will leave this place on the 29 this month to Germany , hoping something good comes from all this.
Take care my friends

Here is me and Lefter on our way to the club

:p My friends from Aeroport , the place where i grew up

DJ Ovi and Dj Zefzeed ..guess witch one in my brother?:)
Andrusca saying HI
Yea ..its all about house music
The brotherhood

Prepare to run:))..am I really that bad??

My bro's girlfriend just can't get enough

My best friends..Lefter and Tibi..
I'm a bad boy..

Raluca and Alex


  1. This is the first time I've read your blog and I can really see how your English has improved in such a short time.

    I really liked how you said it rains in your mouth when you think of eating Nadlac salami!

    It's funny in the places where you say you are a good boy...I get the feeling you are a bad boy!


  2. Andrei,

    Ive been reading ur post and see the progress of ur english and how more often u post ur pics..I really enjoy ur story..

    And for uve proved that ur areal BAD BOY... Keep posting...

  3. Andrusckha , omg ce poze ai :)))


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