Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well hello:)...I guess I haven't left Turkey yet...but the thing is now i don't have any idea when i will leave, probably next week or something.Today i had a shooting with Harvey Nichols magazine and it looked very good, i had to wear Polo Ralph Lauren suits:P.In rest everything it quite o.k. Ramadan has finished here and now there are more 3 day of Bairam witch its the holiday after and nobody works, they just celebrate the ending of Rmadan.So this will be my little holiday , i will just relax and reflect..hahaha.I'm looking forward for Monday cause as usual the photographer promised me that he will send the pictures and some other that i have done with him before..but there is like 50% chances for that to happen.Boy and i have now 5 months in total spent in Turkey..i think i need to change the air for a bit:P
I have posted some pictures from a job i did the last time i was here for Reactive jeans ..i hope you like them
Take good care of yourselves

I have a problem ..i cannot remember girl's names

Cristina is reading for me because i am a good boy:P

Meet a Romanian gipsy..let me sing something for you..hahah

I guess I'm fond of girls;)

This is Eva ..she lives in Israel..very beautiful girl

We were 3 guys and all this girls ...uhhh

Just fooling arround

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