Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 part one January to May

   I was trying for a long time to make a post with everything that happened in 2010 ..the thing is that so much has happened and its hard to gather all the information in one single huge post , but I'll give it a try

My New year I celebrated  it in Timisoara my home town ..of couse we didn't know the location where to do that until 2 hours before midnight but I must say that it turned out to be a really nice one ..alcohol played a big role in that :))

This is the only picture  have from that party with my good friend Alina


This is our beloved karaoke where we always go on sundays

In  January  I started travelling to my first destination Tel Aviv the place where my mother agency MC2 is located ..and I love this place mostly because I live practically on the beach and its worm during the winter :)

Here we went for a little vacation to the Dead Sea

In the mean while my friends made a video for me from Timisoara...very touching

I stayed in Tel Aviv until February if I remember correctly then went to Bucharest so get my 10 year tourist visa for the USA..stayed there 3 weeks and also did the Sexergy commercial

Off to Istanbul in march ..where I mostly stayed in the house and watched Dr. House M.D. I only have one picture from a job I did there

After Istanbul I went straight to London for a few hours then to Nuremberg ...for Adidas shows were we started a band ...yes a band and the name was The Backstage Boys(Chicken , Vinci, Schneider and Me ..just a darker version of Nick)'s a little sample of our work

I think we spent 3 days there then off to Florence for Guess show..I don't have a picture with anything that was going on , I only have the picture I know I took there with another model friend Alina who I know for quite a bit of time


I told you this is going to be a loooong post :) , bare with me we are only in April ..when I went for the Mexx job in Zurich and the in the Alps ...amazing place

Went after that in Milano where I meet with my best Romanian model friends ..Cosmin and Aureliu

 In the mean while I made a short trip to Oslo for the Riccovero campaign

See you soon..:)

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  1. Esti misto rau...
    Sunt mandra ca sunt romanca:P

    Te pupa dulce o admiratoare din TM!:*


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