Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Part two May to middle of August

 Time to continue my long post about 2010.
From May to July I stayed in Milan sharing the apartment with my friend Cosmin Petre with who I started to go to gym at Downtown but that didn't last very long for me cause i noticed that for me it works better the home exercises and the rope skipping

After a while my friend Bogdan Vladau came into town for some unsolved problems ..and the vacation feeling began was amazing time mostly partying and talking bullshit men stories singing and exercising like the following

During this time of partying I met a girl who I first saw her in the agency when we had a casting together and I thought she was amazing but, like the pussy that I am when it comes to girls , I just let her pass and admired her from from the distance. So I met this wonderful girl  in Cavalli (the name of the club we were partying that night ) and since I had a generous amount of alcohol in my brains I started to actually talk to her (and its weird when I drink I find it so easy to do that ..).So I got her name and number ..her name is Amanda she is from Sweden and her number was 039763...hahaha
  She also has a blog and really taking care of it posting every day ..the adress is

  It started just like a fling but it turned out  to be more than that without even realising it

It was my favorite time since the history of Milan :))..
  In 8 of July it was time to move my ass to my next destinations ..Hamburg,Munich where I mostly stayed in the house and did castings .. and was raining every day , still I like Germany because its clean and the people are very professional when it comes to work
 I only have this video made in Munich

  During This time I went a bit in Switzerland also for some jobs

At the beginning of August I reached Vienna  and my boys from Timisoara came with my car to get me home .. so to celebrate it I took a bottle of Jagermeister to have on the 7 hour trip home which I  wind up drinking it by myself mostly because my friends are pussy-es

Finally I was home .. and haven't slept for 2 days straight ..just kept drinking ... but what the hell I was in vacation
  During my time home, my brother Adi , Silviu and father Lefter decided to organize a trip to the Black sea where was the Sunwaves House festival almost 800 km away , and when i say decided ..I meant 2 hours before we left, wich in my opinion its the best way to do it
  We took my car and went for it ..4 days we stayed there and there are alot of parts that I don't remember

Sunwaves,  we partied all night and this video it made at 11 in the morning ..still full of energy

That's it for this post , stay tuned for the next post about the rest of 2010 summary



  1. Nu iti este dor de Timisoara ?
    La multi ani by the way!
    Tu ai studiat tot la Arte si Design in Timisoara nu ? Da, poate te confund... scuze atunci.


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