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Me in the vision of my girlfriend

As I told you before, Amanda has her own blog on witch she is posting like every day but on a whole different level than mine .. She can talk a lot I admit :) .Reading her blog I discovered that she is a very intelligent girl and as usual because of the language barriers she cannot express exactly the feelings that she has inside ..not necessarily for me but in general .So her blog is in her native language and I just translate it with google translate .. I must say its fascinating and in most of the cases addictive at some level ..also because a lot of girls her age can relate very well with her

  I was pointing that out because on her latest post she was answering a question from a reader about me as her boyfriend ..  and I will let you to comment on it  ..thank you Babe for the beautiful words

you can check her blog on

What is it like dating a guy from Romania? Are they not much different than Swedes? More old-fashioned, conservative, religious, etc ... Can be a prejudice, but it is anyway so I understand it. Tell me!
For one, we're dating, in fact no longer, but we have been a couple for six months in February ♥. Anyway, this is an interesting question which I intend to discuss the past but not had the time so here we go.
I believe, or dare say that I know that Andrei differs a lot from the genes elle Romanian. He has been traveling for 6 years and usually almost entirely spent part of summer at home in Romania - his foundation has often been London or Milan and now he also had his work show in the U.S.. He is therefore accustomed to meeting people from all over the world just as we have seen really on him. He seems to have no problem at all to adapt to different cultures and different types of people while it does not feel like he is himself an inveterate culture because he almost never is "at home". Like you, I also had prejudices against Romania and I'm still not speak fairly about the country or the people there, more than those I have met through Andrei has been super nice.
To respond more specifically to your question is not Andrei especially jealous (he shows it at least not as often - unlike me ;) and although I sometimes wish he did it, ha ha) he is not old-fashioned for five cents, on the contrary, and I love that he is so modern and very experienced. He is Catholic, but just believing that ordinary people in Sweden - no depth of five cents in other words. I actually see no particular difference between being with him and a Swedish guy. The only difference is well language barriers, but in that Andrei has a larger English vocabulary than me (and I'm still heelt okay in English, I must say) it's really nothing to complain about. Moreover, I love that he is so laid back. Most guys you meet at home, a witness needs and a hubris that is even bigger than their ego and it's the most unsexy available.
Another thing I admire about him is, despite his early success as a model (he was one of Romania's first international models and a bit of trivia is that he won a big race to be the world's finest ass ha ha), he took hold of acquiring a four-year IT training before he devoted himself fully to his career as a model. He has, in other words, something to fall back on as very few models in mind.
As you can see I really look up to Andrei. It is as much as I would like to write about him but as always, I must draw a limit to how much I can share with you. Anyway, it is the alpha and omega for me that my boyfriend is equally driven by myself and I have previously made the mistake of being with someone who was just too jealous and where cultural clashes destroyed everything in the end. Of course, you never know what the future holds, but so far he has shown all the qualities I want my boyfriend to have. The finest of all is that we met in circumstances where none of us wanted a relationship, none of us wanted to have someone else to think about and from there we ended up where we are today where we are two people who want nothing more than that for this to work.
Do you have any question you want answered in a separate post, you can write it in a comment to this post. It is great to be anonymous, just a non-existing email in this case .


  1. That was so sweet. She really seems to love where this relationship is going and respects you and all that you have achieved in you're life. Young love is great when it happens especially when you're not looking for it and I wish you both a long happy relationship.

  2. Like it:) you both are lucky to have each other :) Bafta!


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