Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 August to December

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Final part of the 2010 summary ..yey:)

On 18 of August my lovely Amanda came to visit me ..she stayed for a week ..and showed her most of my boring city that time because all the students were in summer vacation and I was a little concerned that she may not like it.

  Everything turned out to be so good in the end ..we spend some unforgettable 8 days together and that was the beginning of our official relation

   Most of our time that summer we spent drinking and partying..I must say that I drank all the Campari Vodka available on the bar

 Too bad it only lasted for a few days ...

After Amanda left I moved with one of my very good friends Muneer ..who is a singer and a future star
The guy in the center and this is his fan page on facebook (!/muneer.obaidli)

Tibi's birthday ...the white T shirt guy..who started a career as a photographer (

That was my time in Romania..

  On the 29 of august me and my brother drove to Vienna where I went for a job...that was the second time I took him with me to work ..but the car broke down in the middle of the city ...We finally managed to take it to a local mechanic but apparently the whole reparation cost more almost double than taking my car back on a platform to Romania and fix it there ...and that's what I eventually wind up  doing

Also after we came back ...we made this video with Muneer's band ...and I was the lead singer :)))

I left for Turkey in september for 2 days where i made the Karaca campaign

After Turkey I went to Palma de Mallorca and then to Barcelona ..where I stayed for about one month

We still have a long way to go ...
London was the next destination for me where I was suppose to meet my Amanda ..we rented one  room in a model's house..There were about 4-5 guys in the whole house and I must say it was great , only the weather was awful because the winter began we had trouble coming back from the clubs

 While I was in London i made trips to Paris and Rome

And Rome for Nara shirts

In November I went to Milan for my final destination where I spend a month with Amanda mostly cooking and watching movies..very quiet and relaxing time , also my friend Bogdan joined us for a few days 

After was a great year ..I didn't realise it until now when I made this summary ..thinking before that it just past to quickly and haven't had time to do nothing ..I am very grateful for everything and for all the people I met on the way especially my baby girl.


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