Monday, May 2, 2011

Good for you SHITHEAD

Yesterday when I was in the subway to get home after a really nice dinner with my friend Nikko (who is a brilliant stylist by the way) ..I happened to have something on my upper lip so i tyred to remove it with my tongue..ending up doing this...

..And this guy who looked like a skinhead full of piercings and weird haircut passes me and tells me "GOOD FOR YOU SHITHEAD!!"...Does anyone knows what this sign means???????
It was really funny in my mind that particular moment


  1. he probably assumed that was some innuendo of you trying to hit on as if he would even have a chance with you

  2. Inny is right. That sign is suggestive - he probably thought you were hitting on him. As if!

  3. What an ego if shit head thought you were hitting in him.

  4. now i need to be careful if my ass iches ..who knows


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