Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nice day

If I think about it ..I left the house at 8 this morning just planing to go to the gym ... of course I had to since I eat yesterday a whole bag of marshmallows and felt so bad and now they are out of the menu for good.I have to actually do that with most of the candy food because it started to take the place of my actual food,still keeping myself into the daily calorie limits but on a long therm I think I would start to feel something bad with myself cause the body would not get the proper nutriments.

    So I did the gym thing and it felt great in the morning ..I never considered myself a morning person and always having that morning ritual of one hour: wake up ..waste about 20 minutes just doing that ,then take a shower coffee and emails ... and in the last 5 minutes make my hair and trow some clothes.

    Today I met Mabelyn(apparently she was reading my blog the other day and saw what I was saying who for some reason allot of people took it as a sign of growing up?..or a depression ..ihhh) for the first time and she is a professional web designer and developer and does so much stuff on the side also  that I felt like damn I would wanna be a bit like that some day .. so we went to the Metropolitan art museum ..and just talked for some time about tips and how the business actually is from her point of view ... felt good and natural

   Then, I met another Romanian friend went to TGI Fridays drink some beers and bought tickets for a stand up comedy bar which I looove and  always listen on my ipod. I think I am still a bit dizzy since I'm writing so much..hmm
  So Saturday night .. and I'm home preparing for a nice quiet evening in my closet/ can't be better...

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  1. A whole bag of marshmallows?? At least you worked it off at the gym. I hope the time you spent with Mabelyn was productive and she was able to help you. I think you are a smart funny intelligent man and I like talking to you. I'm also married but sometimes it's nice to meet new people and form new friendships. I can't believe you're home on a Saturday night though. :)


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