Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fiber one bars

I wanted to make a video blog but the music is to lowed here at the gym where I am now and there are quite a lot of people around me ..and it would have felt weird talking about myself and them hearing me..at least when I'm alone i don t see the people on the other side of the computers and makes me more comfortable.

Today was a nice day , I met with a good friend ,Carmen,who came from Romania , I knew her from Milan and she is here to live the "American Dream".Its nice to see someone with so much hope and so many plans when in a new place ..unlike me who I'm not easily impressed,Still she is planing to move here for good no matter what and from that perspective I agree with her because Romania its a big pile of shit at the moment , the armpit of Europe in my opinion.

At the gym I ran for 10 minutes the did some stepper another 10 and skipped the rope for 15 ..and just at the end did a bit of chest combined with biceps 4 sets each and 30 reps each set. It is quite enough for the day and just to accelerate my metabolism step by step becoming more powerful every day and in the same time to not gain weight ..its a bit tricky.

In the morning I wanted a proper breakfast so i bought this bars thinking that normal people eat that and live healthy ...so i eat 6 bars cause they are so addictive and suddenly I said to myself that I have to quit buying them ..especially because one bar its 140 calories and they are so small ..I think i was just attracted because the big 35%fiber...damn you advertising:) 


  1. Try plain oatmeal with peanut butter and honey mixed in it for breakfast. Very low cost. Lots of good calories. And good flavor. Also very filling.

  2. the whiole ideea was to try to avoid callories:

  3. It's good to know that someone who looks as good as you can slip up and eat too much. I hope you follow what your friend is doing and stay in the States. There's so many opportunities here and I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. Best of luck.

  4. Try using http://www.livestrong.com/

    It's free for the basic version. You can track the calories you take in, your water intake, and the calories you burn with exercise.

    It's a good website. Check it out.


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